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System KAN-therm ultraLINE includes PEXC and PERT² polyethylene pipes (ultraLINE PE) as well as PERTAL² multi-layer pipes (ultraLINE PEAL) within diameters 14-32 mm. PERT² pipes are produced of polyethylene with raised temperature resistance. Its unique molecular structure decides on the excellent mechanical properties and high strength at high temperatures. Due to the extraordinary flexibility resulting from the properties of the material, they are easy to install, even at low temperatures. The exceptional thermal and pressure stability of the material determines the high durability of pipelines.

PEXC pipes

PEXC pipes are made of high-density polyethylene subjected to molecular electron beam cross-linking ("c" method – physical, without the use of chemicals). Such cross-linking of the polyethylene structure results in the most optimal and high resistance to thermal and mechanical loads.

System KAN-therm ultraLINE
Both types of pipes have a barrier (EVOH coating) that prevents penetration (diffusion) of oxygen through the walls of pipes from the environment to the interior of the system. They have then universal nature – they can be used in both heating and water supply systems.

PERTAL² pipes

PERTAL² pipes are produced as multi-layer pipes, where the base pipe is made of polyethylene with increased thermal resistance PERT². Laser welded aluminium layer ensures complete tightness against oxygen diffusion and significantly reduces thermal elongation of the pipe at the same time. The outer PERT² polyethylene coating protects the aluminium layer from mechanical damage. Owing to their structure, the pipes have no shape memory and can be formed as desired.
System KAN-therm ultraLINE

System KAN-therm ultraLINE

System KAN-therm
ultraLINE PE
System KAN-therm
Pipe type Diameter [mm] Pipe type Diameter [mm]
PEXC, PERT² 14x2 PERTAL² 14x2
16x2,2 16×2,2
20×2,8 20×2,8
PERTAL² 25x2,5 25x2,5
32x3 32x3